The 2020 Extravaganza HoopFest officially kicked off in the Big Easy. Several players caught the attention of our staff with big performances. Here’s a recap of day 1 and stand out players.

2022 Bryce Weinmunson 6’2 (Travel Team: Louisiana Titans): The top performance of the day was Weinmunson, he had two big games. His best game he exploded for 37 points. He easily got around defenders, hit open shots and got his teammates involved.

2021 Zarius Gill 5’11 (Travel Team: Community Saved): This kid had a game high for the Mississippi based travel team, he lead his team to a victory and finished with a game high of 31 points. Not only did he shot the ball well, he defended and was very vocal.

2022 De’Antwan Brown 6’5 (Travel Team: Real Deal Elite): Brown is a long and athletic forward who gets the job done on both ends of the floor. He blocked several shots, guarded well, finished at the rim and made several big baskets for his team. He finished with a game high 25 points and 8 rebounds.

2022 Jeremy Autin 6’3 (Travel Team: LA Lakers): Our staff was very impressed with Jeremy performance, he played an excellent game for the LA Lakers. He made several big 3 pointers and mid range baskets. He finished with a game high of 17 points and 5 assists.

2021 Gavin Harris 6’2 (Travel Team: Real Deal Elite): Harris put on a show day 1 of the Extravaganza HoopFest, he lead his team in scoring with 16 points, 6 rebounds and had 5 monster dunks. High energy player on both ends of the floor.

2021 Ashton Trufant 6’3 (Travel Team: NOLA23): This kid couldn’t miss a shot from anywhere on the floor. He finished with a game high of 22 points and 5 assists.