by Clifton Dixon | March 5, 2021 | The Tour Recruiting

Devin Monette (Class Of ’21) is a 6-2 guard prospect from Southside High School in Youngsville, LA

Devin Monette is one of the top unsigned prospects in Louisiana from the Class Of ’21. Monette is a dynamic 2-way player that can defend at a high level as well as score the ball a number of different ways.

Monette’s skill set will definitely put him in position to contribute to whatever Program that gives him the opportunity to do so next season. College Coaches and Recruiting Personnel, Monette is definitely a next-level talent!!!

Player Film:

*Does A Good Job Of Attacking The Lane

*A Dynamic Scorer

*Excellent Decision Maker

*Great Leadership Skills. Leads By Example

*Scores The Ball Well Off The Dribble

*Excellent Play-making Ability

*Very Tough Perimeter Defender

*Excellent Ball Handler and Great Court Vision

*Great Range From Behind The 3-Point Line

*Finishes Well Through Contact

*Always Plays Hard And Under Control

*Finishes Well In Transition And At The Rim

*A Tenacious Lock-Down Defender That Can Guard Both Guard Positions

*Does A Great Job At Applying Pressure To The Ball Handler

*Hustles Hard

*Always Diving To The Floor For Loose Balls

*Shoots The Ball Well From Behind The 3-Point Line

*Excellent Ball Handler

*Scores Well Off The Dribble

*Great Athletic Ability

*Plays The Game With Great Intensity And Passion

College Coaches And Recruiting Personnel, Please Take Time To Look At Devin Monette’s Skill-Set To See How He Can Contribute To Your Program.