by Clifton Dixon | March 24, 2021 | The Tour Recruiting


Zach Fenn (Class of ’22) 6-2 Guard – St. Pauls High/NOLA Nuggets

*A true playmaker*Played with superior, next level instincts.

*A very high basketball I.Q

*Has a great feel for the game

*Did a lot of “Blue Collar” work such as setting screens and diving on the ground for loose balls

*A Fundamentally sound player that can do a little bit of everything on both ends

*Sneaky athleticism, finishing a number of plays with authority at the time

*A very scrappy defender that did not back down

*Played with great effort and intensity the entire weekend on both ends

*Very crafty ball handler and facilitator


Omarion Layssard (Class of ’23) 6-2 Guard – Northwood High (Lena, LA)/Team Cenla

*Did A great job of finishing at the rim

*Shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter

*Showed excellent court vision

*Was able to showcase his versatility on both ends excelling at defending both guard positions and playing PG

*Finished a number of plays through contact

*Was very disruptive on the defense putting constant pressure on the ball handler. A true dynamic perimeter defender

*Did a excellent job of running the offense and getting his teammates involved

*Dynamic athleticism and finishing ability was on full display

*Made a number of clutch plays


Rekkai Williams (Class of ’22) 6-2 Guard – Alexandria Senior High/Team Cenla

*Displayed excellent range from the perimeter stepping out making a number of 3 point shots

*Was aggressive on both ends

*Never allowed his defender to speed him up. Played a controlled pace the entire weekend

*Showed excellent mid-range scoring ability

*Rebounded the ball well

*Played great all-around basketball the entire weekend


Trey’Dez Green (Class 0f ’24) 6-6 Forward – East Feliciana High/LA Tigers

*Displayed excellent face-up ability

*Did a tremendous job of leading the break

*Displayed excellent handles

*Was very active on defense around the rim blocking and disrupting a number of shots.

*Did a good job of putting the ball on the floor

*Ran the floor hard. Never stopped working

*Showed excellent footwork in the post

*Possesses a excellent face up game

*Did a great job of stepping out and defending on the perimeter

*Excellent free-throw shooter

*Was able to effectively finish plays routinely through contact

*Did a great job of rebounding.


Jordan Decuir (Class of ’22) 6-2 Guard – Zachary High/Hustle Hard Elite

*Played lock-down,suffocating defense the entire weekend

*Displayed excellent court vision and decision making

*Did a great job of facilitating and getting everyone involved

*Attacked and finished at that rim at a high level

*Displayed a terrific first step that allowed him to effectively take his man off the dribble and score that ball

*Performed well under pressure, always looking to have the ball in his hands down the stretch.


Shavadacour Nicholas (Class of ’23) 6-5 G/F – L.B. Landry High/WAWG Elite

*Shot the ball well from outside

*Showed excellent versatility on both ends

*Great athleticism finishing at the rim

*Has a great feel for the game

*Displayed excellent handles and court vision

*Played at a high level of composure

*Was very comfortable with the ball in his hands

*Created for himself and teammates

*Very crafty ball handler and facilitator

Shyves Johnson (Class of ’22) – Karr High/Zoo Living Elite

*Did a tremendous job of finishing plays on the break
*Shot the ball well from the free-throw line
*Rebounded the ball very well. crashed the boards extremely hard
*Showed excellent mid-range scoring ability
*Plays the game with a high motor. Never stops working and hustling
*Finished well around the basket and through contact
*Versatile defender that can guard positions 1-4

Jacobi Adams (Class of ’23) Bonnabel Bruins/Runway Jets Gold

*A long, versatile defender
*Great length and versatility
*Solid leaping ability
*Showcased good instincts and decision making
*Did a good job of handling the ball
*Was able to create for himself and get his teammates involved
*Defended multiple positions the entire weekend
*Did a good job of creating off the dribble
*Nice mid-range touch
*Nice touch around the rim

Varnovous Narcisse (Class of ’22) 6-1 Guard – Carencro High/Hustle Hard Elite
An elite defender, putting constant pressure on the ball handler
*Did a great job of penetrating into the lane and finishing at the rim
*Did well at fighting through screens
*Controlled the tempo on offense
*Displayed a high level of toughness. Never played afraid and was always in attack mode
*Displayed an excellent first step that allowed him to take his man off the dribble
*Saw the floor extremely well
*Did a great job of setting his teammates up

Donald Butler (Class 0f ’22) 6-4 G/F – Walker High/Showtime Elite
* Excellent wingspan
*Solid mid-range touch and ball handles
*Did a great job of passing out of the double team
*Showed a strong presence on the glass
*Did a good job of handling the ball and running the offense
*Played above the rim the entire weekend. Super athletic
*Versatile offensive and defensive player showing the ability to play and defend positions 1-4
*Showed good shot blocking ability
*Communicated well on both ends

William Lindsey (Class of ’23) 6-0 Guard – Morris Jeff School/Livon-Fleur De Lis
*Showed excellent quickness on offense
*Played disciplined defense the entire weekend
*Played very unselfish
*Did a good job of getting his defender off balance and taking him off the dribble to get to the rim
*Showed nice touch from the outside
*A dynamic 2-way guard that showed his ability to play both guard positions
*Can take a game over with his explosive scoring ability.
*Excellent court vision
*Very smart player that did not make many mistakes

Eric Farmer (Class of ’22) 6-1 Guard – Central High/LA Tigers
*Did a good job of getting where he wanted on the floor
*Played with a high level of heart and passion
*Played solid defense the entire weekend impacting the game with his terrific on ball defense
*Did a nice job of finishing plays at the rim
*Finished well through contact
*Did a good job of penetrating into the lane and creating contact

Zakeyvious Augustine (Class of ’23) 5-8 Guard – West Jeff High/Zoo Living Elite

*Did a good job of absorbing contact
*Saw the floor very well
*Was able to set his teammates up in a variety of ways
*Diplayed a nice perimeter game, stepping out and knocking down a number of shots from the outside
*Played solid perimeter defense the entire weekend.
*Good ball handler that did a good job of breaking down the defense
*Played excellent all-around basketball the entire weekend
*Did not take any plays off.
*Very tough and scrappy.

Jamal Sapp (Class of ’24) 6-2 Guard – Ponchatoula High/New Orleans Jam South

*Did a good job of getting into the passing lanes
*Showed a quick first step that allowed him to blow by whoever was guarding him
*Harassed the opposing guards putting constant pressure on the ball handler pressuring him into making mistakes
*Played with a great attitude and enthusiasm
*Displayed excellent change of pace
*Did a good job getting into the lane off the dribble