by Clifton Dixon | July 13, 2021 | The Tour Recruiting


Jakobi Thompson 6-2 Guard – MS Celtics Elite

*Tough Guard who scores in bunches

*Shut down defender with quick hands

*Finished well at the rim

*Creatives his own shots


Avaughn Johnson 6-5 Forward – Snack Pack Elite 17U

*Was Very Active And Energetic On Both Ends

*Displayed Superior Athleticism

*Did Not Shy Away From Contact

*Did A Great Job Of Moving Without The Ball Around The Rim

*Finished A Number Of Plays At The Rim With Authority


Ja’Vian Watkins 5-7 Guard – MBA OSAG 15U

*Displayed Excellent PG Playmaking Ability

*Did A Great Job Of Looking To Set His Teammates Up First

*Displayed Nice Ball Handling Ability

*Showed True Leadership Ability Playing The Game With A High Level Of Confidence And Smarts

*Excellent Court Vision Was On Full Display

*A Very Strong On Ball, Perimeter Defender


Leland Smith 6-3 Guard – Nola United 17U

*Played With A High Aggressiveness And Confidence Both Ends

*Displayed Nice Quickness And Agility

*Showed Excellent Playmaking Ability When The Ball Was In His Hands.  Is A Natural Scorer And Creator

*Did A Great Job Of Attacking The Rim

*Did A Nice Job Of Defending Both Guard Positions

*Possesses An Elite Level Of Toughness


Isaiah Regular 6-7 Forward – Hoop Family Elite 17U

*Displayed Excellent Footwork In The Post

*Did A Great Job Of Running The Floor

*Displayed Excellent Hands And Finishing Ability At The Rim

*Was Very Efficient Shooting The Mid-Range Shot

*Rebounded The Ball And Blocked Shots At A High Level

*Displayed A Very Explosive, Dynamic First Step When Attacking The Rim


Shyves Johnson 6-5 G/F – Nola United 17U

*Showcased Versatility And Nice Perimeter Shooting Ability

*Made A Number Of Plays For Himself And His Teammates On Both Ends

*Finished Well In Transition

*Played Very Well Through Contact

*Did A Great Job Of Posting Up And Fighting For Rebounds

*Played With A High Level Of Energy On The Defensive End.  Was Extremely Active On Defense


Jacobi Hampton 6-4 Guard – SSA 16U

*Athletic Finishing Ability

*Smooth Perimeter Scorer

*Shot The Ball Well On The Move From The Outside

*Displayed A Quick First Step And A High Level Of Explosiveness

*Was Able To Get Off The Ground Quickly And Finish A Number Of Plays Above The Rim

*A Very Versatile Defender That Has The Size, Length, And Athleticism To Be A Elite Talent On The Defensive End


Kerry McMillian 6-0 Guard – Nola Stars 14U

*Did A Great Job Of Creating Contact And Drawing Fouls

*Displayed Excellent Body Control In The Paint

*Shot The Ball Well From Behind The 3 Point Line

*Did A Good Job Of Getting The Defender Off Balance

*Ran The Court Well In Transition

*Moved Very Well Without The Ball


Eric Payman Jr. 6-9 Forward – MBA OSAG Hoops 15U

*Rebounded The Ball Well

*Displayed Nice Touch From The Outside

*Excellent Touch Around The Rim

*Great Size And Strength

*Has An Excellent Feel For The Game

*Very Talented Low-Post Scoring Ability


Patrick McKraney 6-2 Guard – LA Roadrunners 17U

*Displayed Excellent Body Control

*Did A Great Job Of Absorbing Contact

*Displayed Excellent Finishing Ability At The Rim

*Showed A Very Smooth All-Around Offensive Game

*Was Very Effective Playing On And Off The Ball

*Did A Great Job OF Changing Speeds And Getting To His Spots On The Floor In Transition


Meci Payne 6-1 Guard – LA Roadrunners 17U

*Crafty Scoring Ability

*Very Smart, Disruptive Defender That Really Made Life Difficult For The Ball Handler

*A True Competitor That Displayed Excellent Leadership Ability

*Did A Great Job Of Splitting The Defense To Get To The Rim

*Excellent Playmaking Ability


Jayden Gambrell 6-3 Guard – Team Fox 16U

*Excellent Wingspan And Length

*Shot The Ball Well From The Outside

*Finished Well In Transition

*Great Athletic Ability Was On Display

*Displayed Excellent Versatility On The Defensive End

*A Multi-Level Scorer That Shot The Ball Well From The Perimeter And Finished A Number Of Different Ways At The Rim


Jamaal Henderson 6-3 Guard – Mississippi Celtics Elite 15U

*Played With A High Level Of Energy And Activity

*Possesses Great Length

*Played With Excellent Versatility On Both Ends

*Did A Great Job Of Defending On The Perimeter And On The Wing

*Did A Excellent Job At Creating Shots For Himself