by Clifton Dixon | July 20, 2021 | The Tour Recruiting


Koiey Melton (Class Of ’23) – MYOL 16U

*Displayed excellent strength

*Was able to get to the spots he wanted to on the court with ease

*Incredibly disruptive on the defensive end

*Displayed a smooth and efficient ability to score the ball


Jakobe Singleton – LA Fire 17U

*Possesses a high motor

*Was very active on the glass

*Displayed versatile scoring ability capable of stepping out to shoot the mid-range shot as well as getting the ball on the block and scoring in the post

*A nice all-around player on both ends

*Did a great job of defending in the paint and on the perimeter


Tayden Langdon – Team Fast 13U

*Showcased next level shooting ability from behind the 3-point line knocking down 6 – 3 ball in his first game of the tournament

*Distributed the ball well and did a great job of getting his teammates involved dropping 6 assists in his first game

*Unselfish, team first player

*A very poised player that was not afraid of the moment

*Displayed good court vision and a high basketball I.Q.  making good decisions with the ball in his hands

*Moved well without the ball in his hands


Gavin Faure – Northshore Elite 17U

*Was relentless at attacking the rim

*Did a great job of getting by his defender to get to his spots on the floor.

*Displayed a dynamic first step

*Elite court vision and passing ability

*A tenacious, next level defender that did a great job of locking up his man.

*A true game changing defender can impact the game with his defense

*Versatile offensive player that did a good job of playing on and off the ball


Devon Winters – Stars Team Nola 14U

*Showed dynamic scoring ability

*Shot the ball well from the perimeter

*Did a good job of penetrating into the lane

*Controlled the pace of the game.  Never got in a rush and did allow his defender to speed him up


Daijon Leatherman -FAST 14U

*Displayed excellent low post scoring ability

*Excellent footwork and hands on the block

*Showed excellent timing on defense blocking 4 shots in his first game

*Was very active on the glass pulling down 11 rebounds in his first game


Payton Foster -FAST 14U

*Showed great versatility on defense

*Did nice job of running the floor

*Displayed excellent rim protecting ability

*Did a job of rebounding the ball

*Played with maximum effort on both ends of the floor.

*Did a good job of scoring the ball in the post


Lamarcus Banks (Class of ’22) – Aces Elite 17U

*Finished well through contact

*Displayed excellent athleticism

*Shot the ball well from the outside

*Defensive versatility was on full display showing the ability to guard multiple positions

*Moved well without the ball

*A clutch performer that knocked down the game winning 3-point shot in game #1 on the day


RJ Gray (Class Of ’22) – LA Fire 17U

*Shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter

*Did a great job of playing off the ball.

*Showed some very nice off the dribble moves

*Did a great job of attacking the rim and getting to the free-throw line

*Played with a good level of aggression


Brian Norris (Class Of ’22) LA Fire 17U

*Played well through contact

*Attacked the rim

*On the defensive end, did a solid job of limiting his man

*Shot the very well from the outside

*Played aggressive and was locked in on both ends


Kasom Coleman – H-Town Savages 12U

*Showed nice playmaking ability

*Displayed solid ball handles and quickness

*Played with a great level of toughness

*Scored the ball very well from the perimeter and did a good job of getting to the rim