by Clifton Dixon | October 25, 2021 | HoopFests Tour Recruiting

This past weekend, HoopFests Tour Recruiting had the special opportunity to travel down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to host our Middle School Academy. Between the size, talent, competition and athleticism: Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi young studs and future of hoops are in good hands. The amount of talent in the Deep South is continuing to grow, this event has gotten the attention of several top young prospects. Here’s a few standouts that caught the attention of our staff and scouting services in attendance.


Christopher Charlot (’26) Guard

*Displayed excellent decision making ability

*Made a number of plays for his teammates

*Did a great job of getting into the lane finishing at the rim

*Shot the ball well from the perimeter

*Did a great job of attacking the rim and playing through contact


Roderick Tezeno (’26) Guard

*Rebounded the ball extremely well

*Displayed nice hands and foot work in the post

*Excellent defensive versatility defending multiple positions

*Shot the ball well from mid-range

*Finished plays well around the rim


Athan Oliver (’26) Guard

*Big time outside shooter.  Shot the ball extremely well from behind the 3-point line

*Did a great job of taking the open driving lane

*Was able to effectively attack the defense when going down hill

*Played well off the ball

*Solid ball handling ability


Jaden Eckford (’26) Guard

*Displayed nice range from the perimeter

*Did a great job of facilitating for others and distributing

*Was very scrappy and disruptive on the defensive end

*Excellent basketball I.Q.

*Nice court vision

*Did a good job of getting into the passing lanes on defense


Rondell Battle (’26) Guard

*Played with a lot of hustle and effort

*Showed nice touch on his jump shot

*Excellent lateral quickness

*Nice versatility with the ability to play inside/outside on offense and defend multiple positions on defense

*Showed nice athleticism


Jaden Jarreau (’26) Guard

*Was very aggressive on the defensive end

*Displayed nice range from behind the 3 point line

*Solid ability to play on and off the ball on both ends

*Displayed a high level of toughness and hard work

*Played extremely well through contact


Parker Robinson (’27) Guard

*Did a good job of running the floor

*Showed nice ability to handle the ball

*Finished very well at the rim

*Displayed good footwork on the block

*Was very active on the defensive end

*Showed ability to shoot the ball from the outside


Xzavier Baker (’27) Guard

*Played very well in transition

*Displayed excellent body control

*Solid shooting ability from the perimeter

*Scored the ball well off the dribble

*Excellent on ball/off ball defender


Gavin Lucas (’26) Guard

*Very tough hard nosed defender

*Excellent first step

*Did a great job of attacking the paint

*Shot the ball very well

*Displayed excellent driving ability which opened up his outside game


Marlon Johnson (’27) Guard

*Showed nice athletic ability

*Versatile scorer that displayed the ability to score the ball from perimeter and at the rim

*Did a great job of finishing through contact

*Showed ability to handle the ball

*Excellent court vision

*Did a good job of playing under control


Tyron Jamison (’27) Guard

*Displayed good ability

*Explosive first step

*Was very active on the defensive and offensive glass

*Displayed excellent strength

*Did a good job of defending in the post on on the perimeter


TJ Beaulieu (’28) Point Guard

*Distributed the ball very well

*Shot the ball very well

*Played excellent on ball defense

*Did a good job of penetrating the defense to get to the rim

*Played with a high level of toughness and competitiveness

*A very smart, instinctive player


Keithan Womack (’26) Guard

*Showed excellent defensive versatility

*Rebounded the ball extremely well

*Displayed excellent passing skills

*Shot the mid-range shot very well

*Made plays for others

*Did not need the ball in his hands to be effective making a number of key passes and plays on the defensive end


Emanuel Young (’27) Guard

*Displayed nice athleticism

*Filled the lanes correctly

*Finished well at the rim

*Played well through contact

*Displayed a very good offensive skill set

*Very good ball handler

*Did a great job of seeing the entire floor

*Excellent playmaker that did a good job of making plays for himself and his teammates