by Clifton Dixon | January 2, 2022 | HoopFests Tour Recruiting

Due to covid-19 game 1 of Port Allen vs Hahnville was cancelled.

Catholic (BR) 67 – Carencro 44

Kyron Johnson (’22) 5-10 Guard – Carencro High School – 21 Points 5 Rebounds

Johnson Displayed nice athleticism and a quick first step. He Finished a number of plays in the lane and did a great job of drawing contact.  He showcased excellent body control, excellent ball handles and court vision. Did a great job of defending on and off the ball and hot the ball very well from the outside.

Connor Green (’23) 6-0 Guard – Catholic B.R. – 11 Points 3 Assists 4 Rebounds

Connor Green’s High basketball I.Q. was on full display.  Displayed excellent mid-range scoring ability and played with a high level of unselfishness and did a great job of reading the floor.  Green is a versatile, intelligent defender that always seemed to be in the right position. Did a great job of absorbing contact and finished well inside. Moved well without the ball.

Dennis Hebert (’23) 6-0 Guard – Catholic B.R. – 12 Points 5 Assists

Hebert shot the ball well from behind the 3 point line and displayed excellent play-making skill set and solid athleticism.  Played with good control and pace and did a great job of scoring and distributing the ball.  Hebert is a solid off the dribble scorer that defended well on the perimeter and did a good job of taking care of the basketball.

Scotlandville 66 – Rayville 54 

Dorian Booker (’23) 6-10 F/C – Scotlandville High School – 27 Points 16 Rebounds 10 Blocks

Dorian Booker Displayed his dynamic shot blocking ability and Excellent rim running ability. Possesses excellent footwork and hands in the post and scored the ball well down low.   Great scoring ability in the post and excellent rebounder.  Was a force on the glass and caused havoc on the defensive end. Highly disciplined on both ends.

Demarcus Dixon (’22) 6-1 Guard – Rayville High School – 18 Points 6 Rebounds 5 Assists

Dixon’s excellent shot creating ability was on full display.  Dixon possesses a quick first step and did a nice job of changing direction.  Made a number of plays with the ball in his hands and played excellent perimeter defense.  Dixon did a great job of setting the tone playing with a high level of intensity.  Shot the ball well off the dribble and did a great job of getting into the lane and finishing plays through contact.

Walker 63 – Landry 52

Warren Young (’23) 6-3 Guard – Walker High School – 28 Points 7 Rebounds 3 Assists

Young Displayed solid athleticism and quickness and was extremely active on both ends of the floor.  He finished well in transition and played with great instincts.  Young used good strength and body control to finish plays around the rim.  He did not need to dominate the ball to be effective on the offensive end scored the ball well from mid-range and around the rim.

Donald Butler (’22) 6-4 G/F – Walker High School – 15 Points 10 Rebounds 5 Assists

Donald Butler Displayed great defensive versatility effectively defending positions 1-4.  Athletic finisher that was efficient around the rim and shot the ball very well from the outside.  Butler rebounded the ball well and passed the ball well from the post.  A very smart player with great court vison and excellent ball handling ability.  Butler had a huge impact on the game on the defensive end.

Anthony “Mouse” Johnson (’23) 6-0 Guard – Landry High – 19 Points 8 Assists

Anthony “Mouse” Johnson is a true PG with great playmaking ability that Did a excellent job of facilitating and creating for others.  Johnson displayed excellent ball handles and distributing skills.  He shot the ball very well from the perimeter and played great defense effectively defending on and off the ball.  Johnson did a good job of fighting through screens and a great job at effectively attacking the rim and drawing contact.

Zachary 61 – St. Augustine 46

Hubert Caliste (’24) 6-5 G/F – St. Augustine High School – 13 Points 9 Rebounds 4 Assists

Caliste displayed great touch from mid-range and did a excellent job of running/initiating the offense.  Showed excellent touch and soft hands around the rim and displayed solid ball handles and good court vision.  Caliste passed the ball well out of the double team and from the block played with great anticipation and instincts.  Caliste displayed excellent toughness and leadership skills and displayed an excellent feel for the game.

Christopher Landers (’22) 6-5 Forward – St. Augustine High School – 12 Points 11 Rebounds 5 Assists

Landers was very assertive on the offensive and defensive glass and finished well in the post.  Landers displayed excellent athleticism and ran the floor well on the break.  Landers displayed his versatile defensive skills and did a great job of defending in the post and on the perimeter.  Excellent decision maker that moved well without ball and was very active on the defensive end.

Jalen Bolden (’22) 6-5 G/F – Zachary High School – 18 Points 12 Rebounds 3 Blocks 5 Assists

Bolden did a great job of knocking down the open mid-range shot.   Bolden was very disruptive on the defensive end making a number of plays defending in post and on the perimeter.  He did a great job of rebounding the ball on the defensive and offensive glass.  Bolden is a solid distributor and possesses excellent ball handles.  Bolden did a good job of communicating on the court.  Played well without having to have the ball in hands making a number of key plays on both ends.  Bolden played with a high level of energy the entire game and never stopped working.  Excellent shot blocking ability for his position.

Jordan Decuir (’22) 6-3 Guard – Zachary High School – 15 Points 8 Rebounds 6 Assists

Jordan Decuir shot  the ball very well from mid-range and rebounded the ball very well from his position.  A dynamic defender that had a major impact on the game on the defensive end.  Decuir Defended at a high level the entire game and displayed excellent court vision and did a great job of distributing the ball.  Decuir did a great job of attacking the defense and finished very well at the rim and through contact.