by Clifton Dixon | March 29, 2022 | The Tour Recruiting

The 2022 Deep South HoopFest kicked off in Pensacola, Florida March 25-27. Teams displayed a lot of talent and was excited to get back in the gym. HoopFest 1st event in Pensacola did not disappoint, we had some exciting games day 2. Many players played well and created a name on our stage, but a few stood out: here’s our day 2 standouts.

Jaquarious Whiting (’23) 6-2 Guard – Pensacola Tornadoes (FL)

Whiting is a dynamic on ball defender that did a great job of putting pressure on the ball handler.  Whiting has good speed in the open floor and played with great body control.  Whiting was good at making plays around the rim and did a great job of finding his teammates.  An excellent decision maker that was fearless when attacking the basket and finishing in transition.  Whiting’s ability to change direction allows him to get to his spots on the floor with ease.

Shea Plowden (’23) 6-1 – Guard – Xtreme Hoops (LA)

Plowden possesses great speed, quickness, and body control.  Plowden scores the ball a variety of ways, but is also a good facilitator/distributor.  Plowden has the ability to create for himself and others.  He has the ability to impact the game without the ball in his hands.  Plowden shoots the 3 ball very well.  Plowden can shoot off the dribble or catch.  He is a good on ball defender that plays the passing lanes well.  Utilizes quickness and has good anticipation.

Marion Hawthorne (’23) 6-3 Forward – Crestview Storm (FL)

Hawthorne displayed excellent body strength and a possesses a frame that is built to absorb contact.  Hawthorne was explosive at attacking the rim and possesses great speed and agility.  Hawthorne displayed excellent touch from mid-range and showed the ability to step out and shoot the 3-ball.  A versatile defender that guarded positions 1-3.  Has a great feel for the game.

Shadrick Toodle (’24) 6-4 F – True Freshman (AL)

Toodle is a versatile, athletic player that has a great understanding of the game that allows him to play multiple positions on the floor.  Toodle has a good mid-range game, can post up and plays the game with a high level of intensity on both ends.  Possesses great passing skills and the ability to attack the basket.  Toodle is a smart player and exceptional athlete that is very competitive and has a burning desire to continue to grow his game.

Lionel Lavardain (’24) – 6-0 PG – Jazz Nation (LA)

Lavardain is a excellent facilitator that is always looking to make plays for others and get his teammates involved.  Lavardain has great court vision and does a good job of getting the ball to guys in their spots.  Can pretty much get anywhere on the floor whenever he wants.  Lavardain possesses a heart and passion for the game is what makes him such a good player.  He rebounds the ball well for a guard of his size.  Lavardain’s ability to lock in and defend makes him standout.  Very disruptive on the defensive end.  A excellent mid-range scorer that can finish well at the rim

Dyllan Dunigan (’26) Guard – Mobile Hornets (AL)

Dyllan Dunigan has a high basketball I.Q and shoots the ball well from the perimeter.  Has a good feel for the game and makes smart plays.  Dunigan displayed excellent body control and plays the game with great instincts.  Has a solid first step and shoots the ball very well from mid-range.  Moves well without the ball and runs the floor well in transition.  Dunigan is a solid perimeter defender and possesses good strength and size.

Jamarian Johnnie (’23) 6-6 F – Extreme Hoops (LA)

Johnnie was a dominant force in the post displaying his tremendous shot blocking/shot altering ability.  Johnnie showed his tremendous athletic ability by finishing a number of plays with authority when getting the ball in the post and in transition.  Johnnie displayed good strength played with a level of aggressiveness that allowed him to cause havoc on the offense and defensive glass.  He did a solid job shooting the ball from mid-range and distributing the ball from the post, especially when being double teamed.  Johnnie is a smart player with great court vision and has a great feel for the game.

Martel Mitchell (’29)  Guard – Emerald Coast Elite (FL)

Mitchell put on a eye popping scoring display by knocking in 50 of his teams 54 points in the championship game on Sunday.  Mitchell did a great job of moving without the ball and creating scoring opportunities for himself.  Mitchell was very patient on offense, not allowing the defense to speed him up and taking what the defense gave him.  He did a good amount of his work in the flow of the game.  Mitchell is a solid ball handler and facilitator and did a great job of controlling the tempo of the game.  He was fearless when attacking the rim and did a great job of playing through contact.