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This past weekend, HoopFests Tour had the special opportunity to host our annual Extravaganza Classic inShreveport, Louisiana. Between the talent, competition and organization it was a great event. Here’s a few standouts that caught the attention of many and received offers from this first class event.

Southwood 41 – Ouachita 36

Jeremiah Evans (’24) – Southwood

Jeremiah Evans was dynamic on the glass and scored well in the post.  Evans displayed excellent touch from the perimeter and displayed good footwork and hands in the post.  He did a great job of running the floor, blocking shots and distributing the ball from the post.  Evans impacted the game on both ends.

Zion Weeks (’25) – Ouachita

Zion Weeks shot the ball well from the outside and played well off the ball.  Weeks displayed excellent court vision, awareness, and did a great job of defending on the perimeter.  He distributed the ball well and made good decisions.  Weeks displayed toughness and played with a great level of composure.

Evangel 69 – Sterlington 53

Cooper Nelson (’26) – Sterlington

Cooper Nelson was lights out from the perimeter knocking down a number of 3’s on the day.  Nelson did a great job of moving without the ball and creating space to get his own shot.  He took what the defense gave him and did a great job of playing through contact and getting to the free-throw line.

Cooper Smith (’23) – Sterlington

Cooper Smith did a great job of setting the tone on the offensive end and shot the ball extremely well from the outside.  Smith finished well at the rim and displayed a solid first step and displayed a very good shot selection.   He was active on the defensive end and did a great job in off-ball situations.

Jecal Bryant (’23) – Evangel

Jecal Bryant shot the ball well from the perimeter and off the dribble.  Bryant did a great job of getting to the rim, distributing the ball, and displayed a great feel for the game.  He is an active defender with good lateral quickness that did a great job of defending multiple positions.

CJ Shiflett (’24) – Evangel

CJ Shiflett is a crafty finisher that did a good job of controlling the pace of the game, creating space, and shooting the ball from the perimeter.  Shiflett did a great job in pick and roll situations.  He shot the ball well from mid-range, did a great job of taking care of the ball, and displayed excellent court vision and a high basketball I.Q.

Calvary Baptist 47 – Southside 45

Rondae Hill (’24) – Calvary Baptist

Rondae Hill possesses excellent strength and solid decision-making ability.  Hill is a good facilitator/distributor that shot the ball well, finished well at the rim and did a great job of defending on the ball. Hill did a great jo of attacking the defense and playing through contact.

Bubba Strong (’25) – Calvary Baptist

Bubba Strong is an excellent playmaker possessing good ball handles and court vision.  Strong did a good job of creating space and knocking down open shots from the perimeter.  He is a good decision maker and perimeter defender that did not make mistakes.

Dynell Jones Jr. (’23) – Southside

Dynell Jones worked hard on both ends and displayed nice touch from the outside.  Jones was active on both ends and moved well off the ball.  He brought constant energy on the defensive end and played with good control and awareness.

Bryson Williams (’23) – Southside

Bryson Williams played with great versatility and activity on both ends.  Williams did a good job of finishing in transition, defending multiple positions, and rebounding the ball.  He moved well without the ball and did a good job of making plays for others.

Bossier 60 – Rayville 56

Kerel Woods (’25) – Bossier

Kerel Woods possesses excellent wingspan and athleticism.  Woods ran the floor well, did a good job of rebounding, blocking shots, and finishing at the rim.  He has a natural feel for the game and possesses good foot work and quickness allowing him to effectively defend multiple positions.

Tahj Roots (’23) – Bossier

Tahj Roots is a scrappy, hard noised defender that was very effective defending on the ball.  Roots shot the ball well from behind the 3-point line, moved well without the ball, and did a good job of seeing the floor and taking care of the ball.

Javon Johnson (’24) – Bossier

Javon Johnson did a good job of playing the passing lanes, creating turnovers, and turning his defense to offense.  Johnson was good at getting to his spots on the floor, letting the game come to him, and penetrating the defense.  He shot the ball very well and is a disciplined player on both ends of floor that displayed excellent leadership.

Clay Thompson (’23) – Rayville

Clay Thompson displayed solid mid-range scoring ability, good ball handles, and a great motor.  Thompson did a great job of getting everyone involved, putting pressure on the ball handler, and creating shots for himself.  He is a fearless /tough competitor that scored well off the dribble and did not shy away from contact.

Wossman 59 – McMain 50

Kamron Coleman (’23) – Wossman

Kamron Coleman played possesses excellent length and played with a high level of versatility on both ends.  Coleman defended on the block and on the perimeter well.  He has an excellent face-up game and played with good anticipation and awareness.  Coleman is a dynamic shot blocker that plays with great activity on both ends.

Antron Mason (’25) – Wossman

Antron Mason is an excellent perimeter shooter the displayed an explosive first step and finished well at the rim in.  Mason did a great job of handling the defensive pressure to get to his spots and he did a good job of distributing the ball.  He is a very good decision maker that played well through contact and remained patient allowing the game to come to him.

Jordan Comanche (’24) – Wossman

Jordan Comanche shot the ball well from behind the 3-point line and played well off the ball.  Comanche defended well on and off the ball and displayed good athleticism and ball handles.  He made plays for his teammates, displayed excellent leadership, and shot the ball well off the dribble.

Jakobey Johnson (’24) – McMain

Jakobey Johnson did an excellent job of running the floor and protecting the rim.  Johnson rebounded well, displayed good fundamentals, and did a good job of finishing around the rim.  He passed the ball well out of the double team and displayed a natural feel for the game.

Zachary 60 – Huntington 55

Xavier Ferguson (’25) – Zachary

Ferguson was a menace on defending on the perimeter and he did a great job of getting to the rim.  Ferguson played with toughness, leadership, awareness, and made game winning plays on both ends.  He was assertive on both ends and he shot the ball well.

BeeJay Brooks – Zachary

BeeJay Brooks is a smooth scorer that possesses nice wingspan and absorbs contact well.  Brooks displayed a nice level of athleticism, pull up scoring ability, and attacked the rim with confidence.  He is a solid ball handler with good court vision and did a good job of reading the defense.  Brooks finished well through contact and got to his spots with ease.

Decedric Webb (’23) – Huntington

Decedric Webb possesses elite athleticism, versatility, and finishing ability.  Webb did a good job of handling the ball and facilitating/distributing.  He displayed an explosive first step, good lateral quickness, and the ability to consistently hit shots from mid-range.  Webb did not shy away from contact and did a good job of taking his man off the dribble to finish.

Dekelveon Taylor (’23) – Huntington

Dekelveon Taylor was a monster on the boards and impacted the game with his defensive efforts.  Taylor displayed his defensive versatility by effectively defending in the post and stepping out to defend on the perimeter.  Taylor was a clean up man around the rim, finished well at the rim, and played with amazing energy and effort.

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