by Mal  Mundy | October 30, 2023 | HoopFest

HoopFests Tour had the special opportunity to host our annual Middle School Academy in Ruston, Louisiana. Between the talent, competition and organization it was a great event. The amount of talent in Louisiana/Arkansas/Mississippi/Texas is continuing to rise, this event has gotten the attention of awesome young prospects.

2028 F 6’1 Dreylon O’Key (Hamilton Christian School) Long Athletic Skilled player. O’Key can play 1-5 positions, impressive handle on the ball, very nice hands, flexibility, can score the ball from the inside/outside, rebounds at a high level, defends on the perimeter/alters shots in the paint, runs the floor well, finishes at the basket and distributes the ball well. Incredibly high upside.
2028 PG Joseph Metoyer (Youree Drive School) Highly skilled point guard. Metoyer can get past defenders off the dribble consistently, score the ball with both hands, great vision in the paint, smooth 3 point shooter, high level motor, competes on both ends. Please note: also the free throw Contest winner for the day out of the whole camp.
2028 F 6’0 Arayvis Davenport (Bossier Middle) is a ManChild Athelticism.  Davenport has great size, strength for his age, very nice shooting touch, can score from any spot on the floor consistently, defends strong, rebounds strong, can go either around or through defenders, finish at the rim and impressive motor.
2028 G 5’6 Trevonn Brooks (Youree Drive) Knows how to get a bucket. Brooks has a very high IQ, court vision,  uses his skilled handles to drive the ball well, great toughness about him, runs the floor well and can finish at the rim over bigger defenders.
2028 F 5’10 Devion Stewart (Northside Middle) Big strong player who knows how to get his space. Stewart has great hands, nice handle on the ball, scores well around the basket, can knock down open 3’s and plays with passion.
2028 F 6’2 Nick Shelton 6’2 (Calvary Baptist) Long skilled scorer. Shelton rebounds strong, runs the floor well, can finish around the basket, has nice touch on his shot, handles the ball efficiently, makes good decisions and strong defender around the basket.
2028 F 5’11 Jabari Levingston (Lincoln Prep) Slasher who can score going to the basket and from beyond the 3. Levingston is a great passer with court vision, plays tough defense, has a strong motor, very skilled ball handler and can create for others.
2028 F 6’0 David Thomas (Youree Drive) Very strong Motor. Thomas plays very hard on both ends, he is a lengthy skilled wing who can put it on the floor and get to the basket.
2027 PG 5’0 Bryson Myles (Calvary Baptist) A Jet ball handler who competes at a high level on both ends. Myles can drive the ball and score, very crafty passer, small in size but big in output.
2028 PG 5’7 Isaiah Georgetown (Plaquemine Jr) Runs the floor and can score in transition. Georgetown wirey athletic slasher who is active all over the floor, makes plays on both ends, nice length and relentless effort.
2028 F 6’0 Darren Ford (East Quachita Middle) Strong ball handling and driving skills. Ford utility player who can run any spot, strong athletic player who knows the game, great effort and attitude.