by Mal Mundy | December 26, 2023 | HoopFest Tour

This past weekend, HoopFests Tour had the special opportunity to host the 1st annual Holiday HoopFest in Monroe, Louisiana. Between the talent, competition and organization it was a great event. Here’s a few standouts that caught the attention of many and received offers from this first class event.


Daijon Leatherman (25′) 6’8 Power Forward (Carver High School-New Orleans, La) is a force inside. Leatherman uses his size well, a bully in the lane that always controls the paint, creates 2nd chances consistently, finishes with both hands, always keeps the ball up high, very good rebounder on both ends, challenges shots at the rim, soft hands/finishes well, scores from the post and shoots short jumpers well.


Shun Glass (24′) 6’1 Combo Guard (West Monroe High School-Monroe, La) is a slasher. Glass is a fearless driver, shifty handles to fly by defenders, loves to attack the basket, gets to the rim with ease/finish with both hands, displayed several smooth pull up jumpers over defenders, great frame to finish through contact and was very aggressive on both ends of the floor.


Lavell Lane (26′) 6’5 Small Forward (Richwood High School-Monroe, La) is an intriguing prospect. Lane is a young prospect, very long/lengthy/impressive wing span, displays a good shooting stroke, shot the mid-range and 3 well, finished well around the rim with both hands/couple high flying dunks in traffic, active on the defensive end, sneaky athleticism and has unlimited potential.


Ahmad Hudson (27′) 6’6 Forward (Ruston High School-Ruston, La) is a young stud. Hudson gets it done on both ends, unmatched energy, super athletic, plays above the rim/monster dunks, dominates in the lane, create 2nd chance shots, runs the floor well, finishes through contact, 2 sport athlete with high major potential.


Lavion Owens (24′) 6’3 Point Forward (Carroll High School-Monroe, La) is a pure scorer. Owens gets to his spots, creates easy baskets, shots the 3 very well/smooth release, gets around defenders, uses his body well to create space, great court vision, good passer/sets his teammates up for easy finishes, demands a lot of attention and has strong handles.


Krystian Lewis (24′) 6’2 Shooting Guard (Wossman High School-Monroe, La) is a player. Lewis plays basketball the right way, makes minimum mistakes, talks on both ends, natural leader, lights out from behind the arc/sharp shooter, plays lock down defense and does all the little things to help his team wins.